Alameda County Information Technology Employees volunteer to clean up Lake Merritt

Employees of the Information Technology Department

Employees of the Information Technology Department routinely get together during the lunch hour on Fridays to get some midday nourishment and engage in fun team activities. There is a rotating theme to these “Fun Fridays,” to build office camaraderie and to keep things interesting. Sometimes, the focus is on volunteerism and service. That’s when members of the ITD team roll up their sleeves and work together to leave a positive mark on the community.

“In just an hour’s time, a group of folks working together can really accomplish something significant to give back to the community,” said Michael Rock, web designer and social media strategist with ITD.

Recently a team of a dozen ITD employees spent the Friday lunch hour cleaning up trash along the shoreline of Lake Merritt. Equipped with rubber gloves, members of the ITD team fanned out across the south end of the lake and filled several bags with trash. This end of the lake has been the focus of many landscaping upgrades in recent years – and has become a great place for County employees in Oakland to take a brief walk or get some sun. By the time the ITD crew was finished, the grassy parks and walkways at the lake’s south end looked fantastic!