County Employees make Adopt-A-POD A Success!

Every resident from every diverse community within Alameda County requires access to the COVID-19 vaccine – and our employees played their part in making that happen.

Alameda County launched Points of Dispensing (POD) sites in neighborhoods throughout the County with disproportionately high COVID case rates with the goal of providing vaccine access to residents directly in the communities where they live.  Four sites were hosted in East Oakland, Fruitvale, Cherryland/Ashland and Union City from March through the end of July.

Vaccination PODs need both clinical and non-clinical staff to operate efficiently and effectively.  The Health Care Services Agency led in staffing the clinical positions and the Social Services Agency led the Adopt-A-POD initiative to recruit other County departments to meet the challenge of providing the operational and logistical support.  County agencies “adopted” POD sites for a minimum of one month by staffing the support positions with staff volunteers who performed duties including logistics and supply management, communication facilitation, customer flow management and more.

Over 800 employees from 20 County departments provided over 6,400 hours of support, and over 60,000 vaccinations were dispensed! A special thank you to our employees for taking time to care for our communities. 

The County’s strategic vaccination efforts, including the Adopt-A-POD initiative, have resulted in over 80% of our County residents receiving at least one dose of the COVID-19 vaccine, one of the highest vaccination rates in the State. Vaccination efforts will continue through community partnerships led by the COVID Division of the Public Health Department.