Lauren Baranco

Social Services Agency

Lauren grew up doing volunteer work with her family, mostly giving her time to church-organized efforts through their nonprofit wing, to help the under-resourced.  Mostly, the work has involved serving meals to the hungry – an activity she still does each year during the holidays.  “This has been a part of my life for 20-plus years and it’s irreplaceable.   Too many people segregate themselves from diverse spaces and it is critical to participate in opportunities to connect with people who live within environments and with experiences outside of our individual scope.  It’s also a valuable time to spend with family, working together to share with others.”

Doug Bond

Transportation Services Manager, General Services Agency

Doug is one of the founders of Dublin Boy Scout Troop 968, and currently serves as Scoutmaster.  The Troop started with 12 boys and has grown to its current size of 43 Scouts, including Doug’s two sons.  Doug works at least 10 hours a week helping Scouts as they work toward their merit badges, leads them as they perform volunteer projects in the community and take part in weekend camping trips.  He also helps organize a Summer Camp that takes place in various locations, including Catalina Island in 2015.  “I have very fond memories of being a Scout myself.  I earned my Eagle Scout and feel that scouting taught me many skills, including leadership and management, that I still use today.  It’s very gratifying to be able to do what little I can to help young people today to have these same kinds of great experiences.”

Nancy Bishop

GSA Purchasing, Procurement Support Services, Procurement and Support Specialist II

“Volunteering is something I’ve always done…there’s always people asking for money.  Instead of giving money, I put myself out there.”  For the past three years, Nancy has been closely involved in organizing the 24-Hour Golden Gate Relay, a race from Napa to Santa Cruz held every May to raise awareness about organ donor transplants.  Her work includes setting up the start and finish locations and organizing meals for 1,000 runners.  Nancy also was spurred to action this summer during a massive wildfire near Clearlake.  She collected clothes and other items from neighbors and co-workers, delivering them to an evacuation center in Napa, where she also volunteered as a disaster worker.

Linda Moore

General Services Agency, Office of Acquisition Policy

Linda currently volunteers as a commissioner on the Community Services Commission in her hometown of Hayward. The work involves developing strategies to direct State and federal funds in ways to maximize their benefits to low-income residents. The work is the latest example of volunteerism that has characterized much of Linda’s life. “I grew up in East Oakland and one of the things my parents handed down early on was that you have to do something for somebody else. When you went to the store for (an elderly neighbor) you couldn’t accept the nickel she offered you, because you were brought up to believe that we’re stronger and better as a community when we help each other.”

Thelma Starr

Eligibility Service Technician III, Social Services Agency

Thelma serves as the volunteer Family Resource Coordinator for her church, which means she organizes a monthly food giveaway for residents in need in Oakland.
“We help a couple of hundred people each time – seniors and just anybody who comes. I’m a Christian, and volunteering is something I’ve always done through church. You always give back. That’s how you receive your blessings.”
She adds: “The best part is when you see the smiles on their faces, when you cheer someone up. I want positive so I give out positive.”